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Our name reflects over two decades of dialogue we have had in service of our clients. In markets where information is limited and access is restricted, our value lies in open relationships with a trusted network of partners.





Based in Switzerland and London, speak invests in private equity portfolios as well as growing and medium sized businesses throughout Europe and North America.

We find opportunities that others miss. Our deep understanding of and experience in private markets enables us to offer investors access to highly attractive investments through secondaries, co-investments, direct investments and selected primaries. We offer bespoke, customized solutions. We provide liquidity in an illiquid asset class.

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The founders have invested and worked together since 2008. speak is composed of professionals with complementary skills and extensive experience in private markets.    

Our founder team has gender parity and our varied backgrounds lead to lively discussions, helping us challenge assumptions and generate investment ideas. Fluent in French, English, German and Italian, the founder group

has roots in Europe, the United Kingdom, North America and Asia. Our track record speaks for itself — we have consistently made attractive returns in both fair and foul economic cycles.

Aruna Arasu

“For me, nothing is more rewarding than watching people fulfil their potential – as business owners, investors or colleagues. By co-founding speak, I can play a part in that journey.”

Aruna Arasu

Daniela Hauenstein

“Being an investor and coming from an entrepreneurial family, strategic and operational excellence is something I appreciate. With speak we look forward to investing into unique companies which have the potential to outperform.”

Daniela Hauenstein

Giovanni Locatelli

“We seek the best opportunities for great returns - the challenge lies in spotting them when others might miss out and ensuring they thrive - we are in it for the long haul, emphasizing trust, integrity, and building lasting relationships.”

Giovanni Locatelli

Henry Potter

“I have always enjoyed a challenge. Hard-to-access markets with limited information can provide fantastic returns for investors who have the right experience and network – just what speak offers”

Henry Potter

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speak invests in growing and mid-sized private companies, whether directly or as part of a portfolio, where we believe we can unearth the best investment opportunities with the potential to outperform. We can deliver returns to our investors irrespective of the market cycle.  

Liquidity solutions

On behalf of our investors, speak buys private equity positions from those who seek liquidity - whether that means as part of a portfolio, a single fund position, or a single asset. We purchase stakes in existing private equity funds or private equity-backed companies. 

We stay abreast of the latest trends in the secondary industry and have experience in GP-led transactions, tail-end portfolios, and structured equity transactions. Through our global network, we find opportunities that provide sellers with liquidity and buyers with an opportunity.  


Adding direct co-investments to a portfolio can improve its risk-return profile. On behalf of our investors, speak invests in private equity backed businesses alongside managers we trust, selecting the most attractive opportunities in terms of upside potential, while considering downside protection.

Our extensive network of fund managers and market relationships built up over many years enables us to identify the most advantageous investments and secure allocation early on in an environment where ample pools of money seek deployment.

Portfolio solutions

The speak team has extensive experience in constructing, rebalancing, and restructuring private equity portfolios. We work with institutions and family offices on how to reach their goals regarding this asset class.

For investors with a portfolio already in place, this includes closing gaps by buying stakes in existing funds on the secondary market or reducing exposure by selling assets, maximising results in various market environments.

In addition, speak can propose selective new fund commitments in the most attractive segments of the market. We support our clients in finding the ideal way of getting to a targeted long-term private market exposure, whether in absolute terms or relative to their total assets.


We are a cohesive group of professionals who care about making a difference: to our portfolio, to our investors and to the ecosystem we operate in. We look for companies with a commitment to gender balanced leadership, where ESG is integral to the business.

We don’t invest in industries that don’t share our values. It’s not just the right thing to do. It’s good business, and an important component of delivering our investors the best risk-adjusted returns.

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